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Budgets and Pricing

We all want to know the bottom much will it cost.


Pricing is basically a formula of expenses plus hours to give a final price. Don't be shy to ask about pricing. If you are getting pricing from several artists make sure all specs are the same. A difference in paper stock, number of photos, or different design levels can easily create a discrepancy in prices by thousands of dollars.


You may be building from a past project and have a budget in mind.

If you know your budget, together we can decide what will be the best use of it. If your budget is strong, it will allow for a higher level of design throughout that may include higher quality imagery, photo illustration, foil, embossing or printing on a premium paper. If your budget is low we may want to focus on a well-designed cover and go with some simple interior pages to bring down the design hours. We could purchase stock imagery instead of arranging a photo shoot or go with no imagery at all.


Even if you know your budget, I will still provide you with a written project estimate to sign off on. Knowing your budget doesn't mean I wont get competitive prices from printers or even use all of your budget. Estimates are time consuming; it just speeds up the process if I know the general direction to go in.


Perhaps you don't know your budget and need to request an estimate or even some estimate ranges. Be sure to check out the tab "Requesting Estimates" to give you some insights into how pricing works.



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