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Corporate Branding


Everything starts with your brand. It's probably going to be on everything so you want to LOVE it. Don't wait until the last minute and rush your logo. You should enjoy the process and have fun as it unfolds.



Brochures & Collateral


Brochures are more than a vehicle for delivering information. Along with your corporate branding, web site, and other marketing efforts, a brochure represents the personality of your company. If your brochure is polished and professional, it tells the reader you are a successful and established business they can trust.


Brochures are great, but don't forget about other marketing items like postcards and fliers.




We all love "image ads" with their provocative photos and minimalistic headlines. But most ads are more complicated than "image" ads. There's usually more copy for starters, and not all businesses have sexy imagery. A great ad connects with its audience, is informative and easy to understand and calls the reader to a specific action. If you have a powerful image to go with that killer headline...that's icing on the cake!


Web Design & Web Support


Many of my clients have a web department but they need a little help with imagery or banner art. Some clients ask to me to design a web site that they can pass off to their web developer. Perhaps you need a website set up on a platform like Wix that allows you to edit your own content. Whatever your needs, there is a solution. Me!

Web Banner Ads


These days not all ads print in newspapers and magazines. You may need a banner ad to be placed on a website. Banner ads can be static (they don't move), animated (they have several frames that create movement when they rotate) or they can 'blink' (a mostly static ad where one component moves but rest of text can be seen at all times).

Exhibit Banner Stands

OK, so you get a wee bit anxious if you have to set one up on your own but they really do come in handy. Banner displays direct traffic to your booth and make you look cool (well, at least they make you look like you planned to be there). And once you have the hardware it is relatively inexpensive to change out the banner from time to time. And if you still get nervous, I'll show you a little trick on how to pop them up on your own (and you wont need to climb on a chair, I promise).

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle graphics are a great extension of your corporate branding. Consider something more than just placing your logo on the side. Add some color and photos...jazz it up for more impact!

Environmental Graphics

We experience our environment more than ever before. Environmental Graphics not only serve to inform the viewer of their surroundings but also build on brand awareness.

Mind-Body Connection

I am fascinated by the medical benefits of mind-body practices. I am a certified Meditation Teacher, HeartMath Coach and Reiki Master. I combine my love of art and writing with my interests in mindfulness and breathwork. You can learn more about my work at:


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